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2015-2016 Course Catalog

International Business (B.A.)

International Business Major (B.A., 51-56 hours)
The International Business major consists of three sections. A minor or major in a modern foreign language is required. International Business majors must study or work abroad for at least one semester in an approved program.
I. International Business courses 34 hours
ACCT 1310 Principles of Accounting I 3 hours
ACCT 1320 Principles of Accounting II 3 hours
ECON 1530 Macroeconomic Principles 3 hours
ECON 1540 Microeconomic Principles 3 hours
ECON 4570 International Trade 3 hours
BUSAD 1090 Spreadsheet Applications 1 hour
BUSAD 2000 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
BUSAD 2100 Business and Economic Statistics 3 hours
BUSAD 2500 Principles of Management 3 hours
BUSAD 3700 Financial Management 3 hours
BUSAD 4300 International Marketing 3 hours
BUSAD 4400 International Finance 3 hours
II. International Perspectives 15-20 hours
Students choose between Option A and B:
Option A: Global Perspectives Support Program 15 hours

Students must complete 15 course credits cataloged as "Diversity Instructive (Global)". Other relevant course credits, such as those transferred back from approved study a broad programs, may be included in this support program with the approval of the student's International Business advisors, in consultation with the chairs of the Department of Business Administration, Accounting and Economics, and Modern Languages.

Note: A single course cannot be used to meet a requirement in more than one section of the major.

Option B: Second Modern Language 14-20 hours
Students must complete all minor requirements for French (16 hours), German (16 hours), Spanish (14 hours), or Japanese (20 hours).
III. Senior Comprehensive Internship 3 hours
BUSAD 4970 Business Internship 3 hours
The senior internship must be approved by the student’s advisor and the coordinator for internships. It is the responsibility of the student to seek out an appropriate internship. This internship may be completed as part of an approved study abroad experience.

Mathematics, as required for the business administration major, is strongly recommended. This is especially important for those students who plan to pursue graduate studies in this field.