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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Biology (B.A.)

An approved supporting area of 20 hours is also required, normally composed of courses from the Natural Sciences Division.


Courses 12 hours
Biology Major (B.A., 30 hours)
BIO 1400 Introduction to Biological Inquiry 4 hours
BIO 2200 Genetics and Cell Biology 4 hours
BIO 2300 Ecology and Evolution 4 hours
Electives 16 hours
Biology electives
Please see the Biology Department for the approved listing of Biology electives.
16 hours
Senior Comprehensive 2 hours
BIO 4980 Senior Thesis or
BIO 4990 Senior Research
2 hours

BIO 1010 Perspectives in Biological Science, BIO 1080 Microbiology, BIO 1090 Human Anatomy and Physiology, and BIO 1100 Human Anatomy and Physiology may not be taken by biology majors to fulfill biology degree requirements.