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Forensic Science (M.S.F.S.)

Nebraska Wesleyan University offers a 42-credit-hour forensic science program through which graduate students may earn a Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS). The first year curriculum focuses on giving graduate students a broad-based knowledge of the forensic sciences. Over the next summer, they complete a two-week internship with a medical examiner or coroner.

During the second year, students focus on biological and chemistry courses. They also participate in a yearlong crime scene investigation course that counts for two credits. The last class for most students is FORSC 5990 Research: Biology Track or FORSC 5991 Research: Investigatory and Behavioral Track. This course involves research and internship work relevant to students’ individual interests and concentrations.

For most students, the program takes two and a half years to complete.


Master of Science in Forensic Science
Core Courses 18 hrs.
FORSC 5050 Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation 3 hours
FORSC 5060 Fundamentals of Evidence Processing 3 hours
FORSC 5070 Criminal Law and the Law of Evidence 3 hours
FORSC 5080 Medicolegal Death Investigation 3 hours
FORSC 5090 Cold Case Homicide Investigation
FORSC 5160 Crime Scence House Practical
2 hours

2 hours
FORSC 5970 Internship 2 hours
Forensic Science Specialty Area Courses
Forensic Biology/Chemistry Courses 18 hours
FORSC 5400 Analytical Science as Bases for Investigation 4 hours
FORSC 5410 Forensic Biology 4 hours
FORSC 5420 Forensic DNA 5 hours
FORSC 5470 Chemistry Identification - Forensic Investigation 5 hours
FORSC 5990 Research: Biology Track 5 hours
1 credit required for MSFS
Special Session Seminars
Interviewing Child Victims 1 hour
Expert Witness Testimony 1 hour
Statement Analysis 1 hour
Fire Scene Investigations 1 hour
Crime Scene Imaging 1 hour
Trace & DNA Evidence 1 hour
Laboratory Analysis of Firearm Evidence 1 hour
Forensic Analysis of Tools & Toolmarks 1 hour