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FORSC 5160 Crime Scence House Practical

2 hours


This course presents the student with a crime to investigate from beginning to end. Students are assigned to groups that include representatives from the behavioral sciences, biology/chemistry, and investigative sciences tracks. Each team will be assigned a case to work for the duration of the course. This will include processing the scene, processing and evaluating evidence, developing victim and offender profiles, following up on leads, and seeing the case through to completion in a moot grand jury.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory completion of FORSC 5050 Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation, FORSC 5060 Fundamentals of Evidence Processing, FORSC 5070 Criminal Law and the Law of Evidence, FORSC 5080 Medicolegal Death Investigation, FORSC 5090 Cold Case Homicide Investigation, and FORSC 5970 Internship.