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2014-2015 Course Catalog

Family Studies

Required Courses  
Family Studies Minor (16-20 hours)
SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology 4 hours
SOC 1350/SOC 2350 Sociology of the Family 4 hours
Elective Courses: (Select three courses from the following)  
ENG 2010 Masterpieces of Literature 3 hours
SOC 2360/SOC 3360 Gender and Society 4 hours
SOC 2530 Population and Environment 4 hours
PSYCH 2300 Child and Adolescent Psychology 4 hours
COMM 2500 Family Communication 2 hours
SOCWK 2350 Family Violence Across the Lifespan 3 hours
Student must take courses from at least three different disciplines.
Note that PSYCH 2300 Child and Adolescent Psychology has prerequisite of PSYCH 1010 Introduction to Psychological Science.
Note that for ENG 2010 Masterpieces of Literature, only the sections on "Families and Relationships," and "Sexualities" count toward this minor.