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THTRE 4990 Senior Theatre Project

1-3 hours


The senior theatre project is done under the immediate supervision of a theatre faculty or teaching-staff member in one of these areas: costumes, scenery, lights, properties, makeup, acting, stage management, or directing. The student and the diretor of the theatre must first determine the feasibility of the proposed project for a full-length play (i.e., at least 90 minutes playing time) and select a theatre faculty/teaching-staff member supervisor. This planning process must be completed no later than May 1 of the junior year. The student will be responsible for doing the research, designing the project and seeing it to completion. The supervisor will serve as a consultant throughout the project, will grade the project, and will arrange for the student to present a description of his or her accomplishment to interested persons. See the director of the theatre for further guidelines and procedures.
Prerequisite(s): Permission of the department chair.