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2014-2015 Course Catalog

Theatre Studies (B.F.A.)


Bachelor of Fine Arts Core 31 hours
Theatre Studies Major (B.F.A., 82 hours)
THTRE 1020 Script Analysis 3 hours
THTRE 1300 Acting I 3 hours
THTRE 2000 Play Reading
(Must be taken 4 semesters)
1 hour
THTRE 2500 Directing I 3 hours
THTRE 2700 Approaching Scenography 3 hours
THTRE 3500 Directing II 3 hours
THTRE 3800 World Theatre History I 3 hours
THTRE 3810 World Theatre History II 3 hours
THTRE 4480 Professional Preparation for Theatre 3 hours
Select one of the following: 3 hours
Theatre Studies Core 18 hours
THTRE 1310 Acting II 3 hours
THTRE 1400 Stagecraft 3 hours
THTRE 1410 Costume Construction 3 hours
THTRE 1600 Musical Theatre Appreciation 3 hours
THTRE 2110 Masterpieces of Dramatic Literature 3 hours
THTRE 2160 Stage Management 3 hours
Elective Courses 30 hours
12 hours must be upper level (3000-level or 4000-level) (see Theatre Course Listings)

Electives may include courses in performance, directing, design and technology, musical theatre, management, theatre history, dramatic literature, and selective topics courses offered within the department. BFA Theatre Studies students must include completion to the fourth level in one focus area or to third level in two different focus areas.

*Any Theatre course may apply to the electives with the following limitations:

  • THTRE 1010 Theatre Appreciation may not be used.
  • THTRE 1710 - 1800 Practicum courses in: Costumes, Makeup, Scenery, Properties, Lighting, Sound, Acting, Musical Theatre, Production Management and Theatre Promotion are limited to a total of 6 credit hours.

Alternate coursework may be proposed to fulfill the electives requirements. Proposals must be approved by the Theatre Arts Faculty.

Senior Comprehensive:  
THTRE 4970 Internship or
THTRE 4990 Senior Theatre Project
3 hours