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2012-2013 Course Catalog

Music Education, Combination (B.M.)


Performance Course Work  23 hours
Music Education Major, Combination with Vocal Emphasis Instrumental Emphasis (B.M., 100 hrs.)
Major instrument 14 hours
Major large ensemble 7 hours
Secondary large ensemble 2 hours
MUSIC 055 Recitals
(taken every semester in residence)
0 hours
Supporting Music Course Work 43 hours
Music history and literature
11 hours
Music theory
15 hours
Music education
14 hours
Music Technology
2 hours
Senior Comprehensive: 1 hours
MUSIC 298 Senior Capstone Seminar
MUSIC 294 Senior Comprehensive Exam
1 hours

0 hours
Concentrations 2 hours
MUSIC 227 Advanced Conducting - Vocal or
MUSIC 228 Advanced Conducting - Instrumental
2 hours
Competencies 4 hours
MUSIC 085 Woodwind Techniques 1 hours
MUSIC 086 Brass Techniques 1 hours
MUSIC 087 String Techniques 1 hours
MUSIC 088 Percussion Techniques 1 hours
Proficiencies Required: Piano, Voice, and Guitar  
Professional Education Courses Required for Certification 28 hours
See course listing under Music Education, Vocal.  

Vocal emphasis students must be in a choral ensemble as their major ensemble and an instrumental ensemble as their secondary ensemble. Instrumental emphasis students must be in an instrumental ensemble as their major ensemble and a choral ensemble as their secondary ensemble.

It is expected that students desiring the music education (combination emphasis) major will have competency on a secondary instrument. Those not meeting this secondary competency must register in the appropriate applied music courses. In case of questions, a secondary instrument competency audition will be required as determined by the department.