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Music Performance (B.M.)

In the Bachelor of Music degree with a music performance major, specialization and intensive study of the major instrument or voice are emphasized. Entering candidates will be accepted conditionally for two semesters. At the end of two semesters, a committee will determine the student’s acceptance or rejection for further pursuit of the applied degree by means of a jury and an interview. In all cases, the audition committee will consist of at least four music faculty to be selected by the chair in consultation with the applied instructor. At least two members of the jury committee are to be related to the candidate’s field (woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, keyboard, or voice).

Any student wishing to change from a Bachelor of Music degree with a music education major to a Bachelor of Music degree with a music performance major must perform before a jury committee (see above), since a higher level of performance is required for the music performance major.


Performance Course Work
36 hours
Music Performance Major (B.M., 80 hours)
Major instrument 24 hours
Large ensemble 8 hours
Small ensemble 2 hours
MUSIC 295 Independent Study and
MUSIC 299 Senior Recital
2 hours
MUSIC 055 Recitals (taken every semester in residence) 0 hours
Supporting Music Course Work 44 hours
Music history and literature
11 hours
Music theory
19 hours
Music education
4 hours
Performance pedagogy
1 hours
Music Technology
2 hours
Electives appropriate to major: 6 hours
Performance (voice) majors must take a minimum of 3 hours in each of two modern foreign languages: German and French. A 3-hour college level class in Italian may be substituted for either French or German.  
Senior Comprehensive: 1 hours
MUSIC 298 Senior Capstone Seminar
MUSIC 294 Senior Comprehensive Exam
1 hours

0 hours