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2015-2016 Course Catalog
Gender and Sexuality

Students in the Gender and Sexuality thread will encounter scholarship and theoretical perspectives on gender and sexualities, including masculinity studies, feminisms, and queer studies. The thread will provide resources from various contexts and disciplines to analyze gender, including gender identity, expression, and performance. Students completing the thread should be able to examine the relationship between cultural expectations of feminine, masculine, or androgynous behaviors and the realities of gendered lives. The Gender and Sexuality thread aims that male, female, and gender nonconforming students will make connections between classroom material and their own experience. 

This thread can be 9 or 18 hours.

Select 9 or 18 Hours  
COMM 3400/GEND 3400 Communication and Gender 4 hours
ENG 2200/GEND 2200 Topics in World Literature: Sexualities 4 hours
ENG 3410/GEND 3410 Women Writing Across Cultures 4 hours
GEND 2970 Gender Studies Internship 1-8 hours
GEND 3000 Perspectives in Gender 4 hours
GEND 4970 Gender Studies Internship 1-8 hours
HIST 2370/GEND 2370 History of Women in the United States 4 hours
HIST 3550/GEND 3550 Women of the American West 4 hours
HIST 4550/GEND 4550 Women of the American West 4 hours
IDS 3220 Experiential Learning -Gender/Sexuality Thread 1 hour
MUSIC 2830/GEND 2830 Music and Gender 3 hours
MUSIC 3830/GEND 3830 Music History: Gender and Sexuality 4 hours
NURS 3040/GEND 3040 Women's Health: Global Perspective 3 hours
PHIL 2300/GEND 2300P Philosophies of Race and Gender 3 hours
PHIL 3270/GEND 3270 Feminist Theories 3 hours
POLSC 2700/POLSC 2700 Women and Power 4 hours
PSYCH 2550/GEND 2550 Psychology of Women 4 hours
PSYCH 2650/PSYCH 2650 Psychology of Gender 4 hours
RELIG 2300/GEND 2300R Women and Religion 3 hours
SOC 2360/GEND 2360 Sociology of Gender 4 hours
SOC 2380/CRMJS 2380/GEND 2380 Women and Crime 4 hours
SOC 3360/GEND 3360 Gender and Society 4 hours
SOC 3380/CRMJS 3380/GEND 3380 Women and Crime 4 hours
SOCWK 2350/SOC 2350/GEND 2350 Family Violence Across the Lifespan 3 hours
THTRE 2050/GEND 2050 Dramatic Literature: Gender and Sexuality 2 hours
THTRE 3730/GEND 3730 Gender and the Art of Film 3 hours