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Power is the ability to make things happen. It is impossible to imagine the world without it, and it takes innumerable forms. Some can be precisely measured and analyzed; others are so subtle as to almost defy description. The Power thread will examine the forms power takes in the natural world and in the products of human culture, in relationships between individuals and in relationships between groups and nations.  Drawing on several different academic disciplines, we will seek to understand how this indispensable abstraction has been and is used and abused, gained and lost, asserted and contested in actual concrete circumstances of the past and the present.

This thread can be 9 or 18 hours.

Select 9 or 18 Hours  
COMM 2400 Communication and Leadership 4 hours
COMM 3200 Persuasive Communication 4 hours
COMM 3700 Organizational Communication 4 hours
CRMJS 2130 Correction and Penology 4 hours
ECON 1530 Macroeconomic Principles 3 hours
ENG 2600 Introduction to Ancient Rhetoric 4 hours
ENG 3500 Postcolonial and Global Literature 4 hours
ENG 3530 Studies in Linguistics 2 hours
HIST 2540 African-American History 4 hours
HIST 2560 American Indian History 4 hours
HIST 3180/HIST 4180 Topics in Indian History 2 hours
IDS 3270 Experiential Learning - Power Thread 1 hour
PHIL 2070 Twentieth Century Philosophy 3 hours
PHIL 3260 Philosophy of Education 3 hours
POLSC 1090 Introduction to International Relations 3 hours
POLSC 2460 Media and Politics 3 hours
RELIG 1150 World Religions 3 hours