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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Political Communication (B.A., B.S.)


Political Communication Major (B.A. or B.S., 56 hours)
POLSC 1000 United States Government and Politics 3-4 hours
POLSC 1090 Introduction to International Relations or
POLSC 1200 Introduction to Comparative Politics
3 hours
POLSC 2000 Introduction to Statistics and SPSS 2 hours
POLSC 2460 Media and Politics 3 hours
POLSC 2970 Political Internship 1-8 hours
POLSC 3000 Research Methods in Political Science 3 hours
COMM 1250 Introduction to Communication Studies 4 hours
COMM 1500 Intercultural Communication 4 hours
COMM 2300 Communication Theory 4 hours
COMM 2600 Mass Media 3 hours
COMM 3200 Persuasive Communication 4 hours
COMM 4100 Communication in the Professions 4 hours
COMM 4970 Internship 2 hours
American Politics area (select from the following): 3 hours
International Politics area (select from the following): 3 hours
Political Theory area (select from the following): 3 hours
Communication electives (select from the following): 3-6 hours
Senior Comprehensive:  
POLSC 4990 Senior Seminar* 3 hours
*In some cases, senior research may be completed instead through a project undertaken in conjunction with POLSC 2970 Political Internship.