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2014-2015 Course Catalog

Exercise Science (B.S.)


Exercise Science Major (60 hours)
BIO 1090 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3 hours
BIO 1100 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3 hours
HHP 1270 Advanced Emergency Care 1 hour
HHP 1320 Introduction to Allied Health 1 hour
HHP 2330 Medical Terminology 2 hours
HHP 3010 Nutrition 3 hours
HHP 3800 Research and Statistical Methods - I 2 hours
HHP 3810 Research and Statistical Methods - II 2 hours
HHP 3850 Biomechanics and Kinesiology 4 hours
HHP 4150 Physiology of Exercise 4 hours
HHP 4250 Exercise Testing and Programming 3 hours
HHP 4970 Internship 3 hours
Select 9 hours from the courses below:  
Science Requirement 16 Hours
Select four science courses with lab. Must be from at least two departments. Check with your intended graduate school and your advisor. Suggestions:  
16 Hours
Senior Comprehensive  
HHP 4980 Capstone Seminar in Health and Human Performance 2 hours
HHP 4990 Senior Assessment and Comprehensive Exam 0 hours

Students interested in health-related professions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and chiropractics may elect to major in Exercise Science. Students should consult with their advisor regarding pre professional requirements and suggested program of study.