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French (B.A.)

To complete a major in French, one must complete a minimum of 35-36 credit hours. The minimum 35 hours must include 24 hours beyond stage 4, at least one 3 credit literature course, and the 2-hour ML Senior Capstone. At least 12 hours must be earned in a semester abroad in the language of the major (see additional details below). (A minimum of 8 credit hours must be earned at the upper level.) The department also requires an exit interview of its graduates.

Students majoring in French are required to incorporate a study abroad experience of a minimum of one semester (12 credit hours) in the language of their major. No more than 16 hours of upper-level French credits from a semester abroad may be applied toward the French major (24 credits for two semesters). In conjunction with the semester abroad, students must complete either GS110 or GS120 (1 credit), as well as ML291 (0-1 credit). Following study abroad, a major needs to complete an additional 4 hours of upper-level coursework in residence at Nebraska Wesleyan, plus the 2-hour senior capstone. For information on the many available exchange programs and financial aid and scholarship options, students should talk with the Director of Global Engagement and visit the library of study abroad resources. Majors preparing to teach a modern language should consult with the Education department.

Students who begin their college language study beyond Stage 3 of a language, either as a result of testing or upon consultation with the chair, and who complete a course at that level with a grade of “B” or better, may earn up to 8 hours of retroactive credit for FRNCH 101 and FRNCH 102. Students who have previously taken a beginning level of a college language (Stage I and/or Stage II) are not eligible for this retroactive credit. In no case may one complete a major with fewer than 12 credit hours earned in residence within the department.


French Major (35-36 hours)*
FRNCH 101 French: Stage III 4 hours
FRNCH 102 French: Stage IV 4 hours
French beyond 102
(must include at least 3 hours of literature and 8 hours at upper-level)
 24 hours

One course chosen from:

1 hour
MLANG 291 Engaging in Study Abroad 0-1 hour
MLANG 298 Senior Capstone 2 hours

*12 of these hours must be earned abroad.