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2013-2014 Course Catalog

MLANG 298 Senior Capstone

2 hours

Majors, Minors & Degrees:


This course is a senior-level research and writing seminar that serves to provide instruction and guidance to Modern Language majors as they complete their culminating senior research project/internship experience, providing them practice in reflective, academic, and analytical writing and guidance in project planning. In this course students produce their chosen senior project, which may be an internship project, a research paper of approximately 20 pages, or a creative work supplemented with a critical essay. Students will evaluate existing literature relevant to their topics, develop annotated bibliographies, build background vocabulary in their target language, and carry out their final project. Small group collaboration and peer editing will be emphasized, with students working toward the development of critical reading skills and growing level of independence in their writing. Course will be taught in English.