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2013-2014 Course Catalog

Art (B.F.A.)


Foundation Courses 9 hours
Art Major (B.F.A., 72 hours)
ART 005 Basic Design 3 hours
ART 130 Drawing 1: Basic Drawing 3 hours
ART 131 Drawing 2: Figure Drawing 3 hours
Art History, Theory & Criticism 15 hours
ARH 103 Survey of Non-Western Art History 3 hours
ARH 106 Art and Society in the West: Ancient to Medieval 3 hours
ARH 107 Art and Society in the West: Renaissance to Modern 3 hours
Art History elective (must be 200-level) 3 hours
ART 201 Art Theory and Criticism 3 hours
Studio Courses 12 hours
2-D Course — Select 6 hours from the following:
ART 110 Painting 1 3 hours
ART 120 Digital Media 1 3 hours
ART 140 Printmaking 1 3 hours
ART 150 Photography 1: Digital 3 hours
ART 155 Photography 1: Darkroom 3 hours
3-D Course — Select 6 hours from the following:
ART 160 Ceramics 1 3 hours
ART 170 Sculpture 1 3 hours
ART 180 Metalsmithing 1 3 hours
Art Electives 32 hours
Electives may include courses in studio, art history, aesthetics, and selected topics courses offered within the department. ART 100 Art in the Elementary School and ART 200 Art in the Secondary School may count as art electives for education students only. Must include completion to fourth level in one medium or to third level in two different media. If a student completes to the fourth level in one area, the transcript will note the area of emphasis.
Capstone Courses 4 hours
ART 298 Junior Project 2 hours
ART 299 Senior Comprehensive 2 hours

Those students who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree must be admitted to the program based on the B.F.A. Clearance. In order to qualify for the B.F.A. Clearance, students must have completed or be currently enrolled in the required art core courses (ART 005 Basic Design, ART 130 Drawing 1: Basic Drawing, and ART 131 Drawing 2: Figure Drawing) as well as one introductory art history course, and introductory (100-level) courses in both 2-D and 3-D media. The applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all art classes completed within the Art Department at the time of the review. The B.F.A. Clearance will be held concurrently with the annual portfolio review that is required for art majors. The art department faculty will evaluate the portfolio and inform the student of its decision in a timely fashion to allow for time to plan schedules.