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2012-2013 Course Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Business

The Adult Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Business degree program will give you a broad understanding of business concepts and practices. The core foundation of business administration is planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the aspects of a small or worldwide business. 

The objective of the business degree program is to provide students with a solid grounding in business administration and accounting in sufficient depth to achieve a professional position in a variety of industries.


Required Courses 36 hours
Bachelor of Science in Business
BUS 001 Accounting 1 3 hours
BUS 002 Accounting 2 3 hours
BUS 010 Macroeconomics 3 hours
BUS 011 Microeconomics 3 hours
BUS 105 Management 3 hours
BUS 106 Statistics for Business 3 hours
BUS 107 Marketing 3 hours
BUS 240 Finance 3 hours
BUS 251 Business Law 1 3 hours
BUS 280 Business Strategy 3 hours
An additional 200-level business course 3 hours
Select one of the following:
BUS 152 Money and Banking 3 hours
BUS 260 Operations Management 3 hours
BUS 265 Behavior in Organizations 3 hours
BUS 270 Human Resources/Personnel 3 hours

Twelve hours of the above requirements must be upper level courses from NWU. Students must achieve a minimum grade of C-.

Business majors must also complete a departmentally approved math course (college algebra or above), COMM 003 Introduction to Professional and Academic Communication, and demonstrate computer spreadsheet proficiency by completing or testing out of BUS 103 Spreadsheet Applications or taking a computer science course (CS 10 or higher).

General Education Requirements (39-45 hours)
Requirement Hours
English and Communication 6-9
Developing Foundations 8-9
Global Perspectives 6-8
Western Intellectual and Religious Traditions 3
U.S. Culture and Society 6
Fine Arts 3
Scientific Inquiry 7

Supporting Program (24 hours)

The 24 hours of support courses should consist of 12 hours in each of two supporting areas or departments. Acceptable courses must count toward a major or minor. (At least 12 hours of supporting program coursework must be completed at NWU).