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THTRE 263 Musical Theatre History

3 hours


THTRE 263 Musical Theatre History is a survey of musical theatre history and musical theatre music and dramatic literature from its earliest documented beginnings up to the present day. As the course is designed primarily for musical theatre majors, primary emphasis will be given to musical theatre history in the United States. Students will consider examples of classical, medieval and early modern musical entertainment, followed by units covering continental operetta of the 18th C, early 19th C, late 19th C (including Gilbert & Sullivan), each decade in the 20th C, as well as contemporary developments. Students will also critically analyze the specific elements of musical theatre: integration of song and book, character and voice, ensemble, orchestra, narration and technology. Musical Theatre History is designed to familiarize students with the tenets and challenges of historical inquiry as they can be applied to the study of musical theatre. The course also seeks to build appreciation for a broad range of musical theatre styles. THTRE 263 Musical Theatre History is a required course for the BFA in Musical Theatre.

Prerequisite(s): THTRE 260 Theatre History I or permission of instructor.

(Normally offered even spring semesters.)