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2023-2024 Course Catalog

Communication (B.A., B.S.)


Core Requirements 23-24 hours
Communication Major (B.A., B.S., 34-36 hours)
COMM-040 COMM-040
COMM-050 COMM-050
COMM-130 COMM-130
COMM-150 COMM-150
COMM-210 COMM-210
COMM-270 COMM-270
COMM-280 COMM-280
Electives 11-12 hours
COMM-140 COMM-140
COMM-145 COMM-145
COMM-155 COMM-155
COMM-160 COMM-160
COMM-197 COMM-197
COMM-225 COMM-225
COMM-232 COMM-232
COMM-250 COMM-250
COMM-260 COMM-260
COMM-190 or
2-3 hours
COMM-295 COMM-295
Senior Comprehensive 2-3 hours
COMM-297 COMM-297

Requirements for this major to be completed with a subject endorsement for teaching:

  • COMM-224
  • Complete the necessary teacher education courses

Requirement for this major to be completed for other students:

  • Select one or more minors or a second major according to personal interests. A communication minor is not appropriate.