Business Administration (M.S.N. bridge to M.B.A.)

Business Administration (M.S.N. bridge to M.B.A.)

For students who have earned the Master of Science in Nursing degree, the following courses would be required to earn a Master of Science in Business Administration:

Master of Science in Nursing Bridge to Master of Business Administration (24 hours)*
BUSAD 5000 Mentoring Experience Minimum of 3, 8-week sessions (0 hours)
ACCT 5010 Accounting for Decision Making 3 hours
ECON 5030 Managerial Economics 3 hours
BUSAD 5010 The Language of Business 2 hours
BUSAD 5030 Self-Awareness, Adaptability, and Authenticity 1 hour
BUSAD 5040 Managerial Finance

3 hours

BUSAD 5110 Marketing Management 3 hours
BUSAD 5260 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
BUSAD 5330 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilty 3 hours
BUSAD 5500 Business Strategy 3 hours

*If your MSN curriculum did not include a statistics course, you may be required to take a graduate-level course to fulfill that knowledge area. Please plan to discuss options with the MBA Director.