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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Peace and Justice Studies

Required Courses  
Peace and Justice Studies Minor (15 hours)
RELIG 2250 Religion, Peace and Social Justice 3 hours
Themed Courses:
Select at least 12 credits within one theme (the courses must be from at least two different disciplines, and may include appropriate special topics courses and/or internships as approved by the PJS coordinator and appropriate program faculty).
Please be aware that several courses in the minor are taught on a rotating basis and therefore are not always available. Students should also take careful note of required pre-requisite(s) for theme courses.
12 hours
Conflict and Peace: Local, National, Global  
Issues of Economic Justice  
Understanding Diversity, Promoting Justice  
Change Through Social Movements and Individual Action  

Peace and Justice Studies is interdisciplinary; knowledge from social science, humanities, and professional fields is used to explore the causes and effects of violence and/or injustice in a variety of social contexts. The program should enable students to help develop alternatives to inequitable social structures and conditions.