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2015-2016 Course Catalog

Language Arts Education (B.A., B.S.)


Required Courses in English 20 hours
Language Arts Education Major (55-58 hours)
ENG 2200 Topics in World Literature: Sexualities
ENG 2210 Topics in World Literature: Families and Communities
ENG 2220 Topics in World Literature: Nationalism and Identity
ENG 2230 Topics in World Literature: Democracy
ENG 2240 Topics in World Literature: Revolution and Radical Change
ENG 2250 Topics in World Literature: Health and Illness
ENG 2260 Topics in World Literature: Religious Experience
ENG 2270 Topics in World Literature: Environment or
ENG 2280 Topics in World Literature: Ethics and Justice
4 hours
Literature Elective (choose one of the following): 4 hours
Writing Elective (choose one of the following): 4 hours
Linguistics Elective (choose one of the following): 4 hours
Rhetoric: 4 hours
Required Courses in Communication Studies 8 hours
COMM 1250 Introduction to Communication Studies 4 hours
COMM 2300 Communication Theory 4 hours
Required Courses in Journalism 5-6 hours
JOURN 2610 News Reporting 4 hours
JOURN 2690 Journalism Laboratory
May be repeated for a total of 2 hours
1-2 hours
Required Courses in Theatre Arts 13-15 hours
THTRE 1020 Script Analysis 3 hours
Directing Requirements 6 hours
Acting Elective (one of the following): 1-3 hours
Scenography Requirements 3 hours
Required Language Arts Methods Courses 15 hours
EDUC 2690/ENG 2690 Learning Resources for Young Adults 3 hours
EDUC 3260 Methods for Teaching English in 7-12 3 hours
EDUC 3390 Methods for Teaching Reading and Writing in 7-12 3 hours
Senior Comprehensive: 15 hours
EDUC 4870 Supervised Teaching in the Secondary School 14 hours
EDUC 4990 Student Teaching Seminar 1 hour