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HIST 5990 Applied Project

0-4 hours


The Applied Project is the culminating project for the Master of Historical Studies degree. The project may take the form of a thesis, curriculum development project, or a resource development project which will build on the coursework that comprised their program. Students will meet with the MAHS program director after completing the three core courses in the MAHS program: History 5010, 5020, and 5500 and propose a program of courses to meet the degree requirements as well as a project. At that time a three member committee (two plus the program director) will be assigned to approve the initial project proposal. The director of the program will provide the ongoing supervision of the student's work with support from the other members of the committee members when and where necessary. The project director will approve the completed project and assign the final grade.
Prerequisite(s): HIST 5010 Fundamentals of American History I, HIST 5020 Fundamentals of American History II and HIST 5500 Nebraska Institute for Study of U.S. History.