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2014-2015 Course Catalog

Business Administration (M.S.N. bridge to M.B.A.)

For students who have earned the Master of Science in Nursing degree, the following courses would be required to earn a Master of Science in Business Administration:

Master of Science in Nursing Bridge to Master of Business Administration (21 hours)*
BUSAD 5000 Mentoring Experience Minimum of 3, 8-week sessions (0 hours)
ACCT 5010 Accounting for Decision Making 3 hours
ECON 5030 Managerial Economics 3 hours
BUSAD 5040 Managerial Finance 3 hours
BUSAD 5110 Marketing Management 3 hours
BUSAD 5260 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
BUSAD 5330 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilty 3 hours
BUSAD 5500 Business Strategy 3 hours

*If your MSN curriculum did not include a statistics course, you may be required to take a graduate-level course to fulfill that knowledge area. Please plan to discuss options with the MBA Director.