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2014-2015 Course Catalog

Religion (B.A.)


Religion Major (B.A., 30 hours)
RELIG 1150 World Religions 3 hours
RELIG 1200 Introduction to the Old Testament 3 hours
RELIG 1210 Introduction to the New Testament or
RELIG 1990 New Testament Greek II
3 hours
RELIG 1240 Understanding Religion 3 hours
RELIG 3120 Life and Letters of Paul or
RELIG 3130 Life and Teachings of Jesus
3 hours
RELIG 4260 Christian Theology from the Enlightenment to the Mid-Twentieth Century 3 hours
RELIG 4270 Religious Studies from the Mid-Twentieth Century to the Present 3 hours
Religion Electives 6 hours
Senior Comprehensive:  
RELIG 4990 Senior Thesis 3 hours