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2014-2015 Course Catalog

International Affairs

Core Requirements 12 hours
International Affairs Minor (24 hours)
POLSC 1090 Introduction to International Relations 3 hours
POLSC 1200 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 hours
Two intermediate and/or upper-level International political science courses (one must be 3000-level or 4000-level) 6 hours
Area Requirements 12 hours
Introduction to International Affairs:
(Select 2 of the following from 2 departments)
ANTHR 1150 Cultural Anthropology 4 hours
ARH 1030 Survey of Non-Western Art History 3 hours
HIST 1110 World Civilizations: A Survey of the Global Twentieth Century 4 hours
RELIG 1150 World Religions 3 hours
Any course studying a specific non-U.S. culture (approved by department chair) 3 hours
International Policy:
(Select 2 of the following from 2 departments)
ECON 4570 International Trade 3 hours
ECON 4580 Economic Development 3 hours
NURS 3040/GEND 3040 Women's Health: Global Perspective 3 hours
SOC 2530 Population and Environment 4 hours
Any policy-oriented political science course 3 hours
Courses may only count in one of the three areas for minor.