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2014-2015 Course Catalog

FORSC 5150 Advanced Crime Scene Investigation

4 hours


This course focuses on recognizing, protecting, and preserving all prospective physical evidence at a crime scene. Crime scene reconstruction involving the use of the scientific method and classical logic will be discussed. Students will learn about crime scene photography methods, making impressions from imprints, collecting fingerprints and trace evidence, and analyzing and interpreting blood spatter evidence through lectures and hands-on experiences.
Prerequisite(s): FORSC 5050 Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation, FORSC 5060 Fundamentals of Evidence Processing, FORSC 5070 Criminal Law and the Law of Evidence, FORSC 5080 Medicolegal Death Investigation, FORSC 5090 Cold Case Homicide Investigation, and FORSC 5970 Internship with grades "B-" or better.