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CRMJS 4990 Capstone 2: Thesis

4 hours

Majors, Minors & Degrees:


This course requires the completion of an independent sociological research project in a topic area of interest to the student. The completed project should be conference quality scientific article that is then presented to the academic community in such formats as the NWU Student Symposium or the Nebraska Undergraduate Sociological Symposium. Students are responsible for all phases of the research process, including topic selection, academic literature review, definition of the population; sample selection; methodology, data collection and analysis and preparation of the final report (thesis). The paper and the presentation should give evidence that the student is capable of critical integration, synthesis, and analysis of ideas as well as having gained written and oral communication skills, thereby showing some mastery of the departmental goals and objective and the discipline.
Prerequisite(s): Approval of the instructor.
(Normally offered each spring semester.)
Cross-listed with SOC 4990 Capstone 2 - Thesis