History (B.A., B.S.)

Major: History (B.A., B.S.)

History Major (36 hours)
HIST 001 Topics in US History to 1877
HIST 002 United States Society and Culture since 1877
4 hours
HIST 010 World Civilizations: A Survey of the Global Twentieth Century 4 hours
HIST 115 Western Civilization through Religion
HIST 116 Western Civilization through Literature
4 hours
Research Methods Course 
HIST 210 Voices of Slavery 4 hours
History Electives* 
U.S. History 4 hours
World History 4 hours
European History 4 hours
History Elective4 hours

 Choose any history course(s) to total 4 credit hours.

Senior Comprehensive4 hours

HIST 298 Introduction to Senior Thesis and
HIST 299 Senior Thesis
HIST-296 and
HIST 297 History Internship
Students seeking secondary education endorsement must take HIST 265 Topics in Nebraska History and complete their student teaching in history.

*Among the elective courses, at least 8 credit hours must be at the upper level.