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2013-2014 Course Catalog

Physics (B.S.)

Physics Major (B.S., 33 hours)
PHYS 101 Principles of Physics I or
PHYS 111 General Physics I
4 hours
PHYS 102 Principles of Physics II or
PHYS 112 General Physics II
4 hours
PHYS 121 Electronic Measurements 4 hours
PHYS 162 Introduction to Modern Physics 4-5 hours
PHYS 209 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 201 Classical Mechanics
3 hours

4 hours
PHYS 204 Quantum and Atomic Physics

4 hours
PHYS 281 Advanced Laboratory 1 hours
Physics electives5-9 hours
Senior Comprehensive: 
PHYS 295 Independent Study 1 hours

An approved supporting program of 25 hours from the Natural Sciences Division is required, possibly including one or more minors or a second major.

Physics Education major
See the Education Department brochure on interdisciplinary majors in physical sciences and physics, natural sciences education, and applicable endorsements.