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2013-2014 Course Catalog



Music Theory8 hours
Music Minor (21-26 hours)
MUSIC 001 Fundamentals of Music Theory 3 hours
MUSIC 002 Theory II 3 hours
MUSIC 003 Fundamentals of Basic Musicianship 1 hours
MUSIC 004 Basic Musicianship II 1 hours
Music and Cuiture3 hours

Choose one of the following:
MUSIC 013 Music Appreciation
MUSIC 150 World Music Cultures
MUSIC 155 Film Music
MUSIC 160 Music and Gender

3 hours

Performance10-15 hours
Four semesters of applied music in the same instrument 4-8 hours
Four semesters of a music ensemble 4 hours
Music Electives 2-3 hours
MUSIC 055 Recitals
(four semesters)
0 hours