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To complete a German minor, one must complete a minimum of 16 credit hours beyond German Stage 2. For students studying German abroad, a minor requires at least one upper-level course in the language (101 or above) in residence at NWU. In no case may one earn a minor with fewer than 4 hours at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Students who begin their college language study beyond Stage 3 of a language, either as a result of testing or upon consultation with the chair, and who complete a course at that level with a grade of “B” or better, may earn up to 8 hours of retroactive credit for German 101 and German 102. Students who have previously taken a beginning level of a college language (Stage I and/or Stage II) are not eligible for this retroactive credit.


German Minor (16 hours)
GERMN 101 German: Stage III 4 hours
GERMN 102 German: Stage IV 4 hours
German beyond 102 8 hours