Minor: Chemistry

Chemistry Minor (20 hours)
CHEM 051 Chemical Principles and
CHEM 051L Chemical Principles Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 120 Organic Chemistry I and
CHEM 120L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 121 Organic Chemistry II: Synthesis and Mechanisms and
CHEM 121L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 122 Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry and
CHEM 122L Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
4 hours
(200 level in Chemistry or Biochemistry with lab)
4 hours

In addition to these majors and minor, chemistry students can participate in the Engineering Dual Degree program.

Chemists also regularly study in any of Nebraska Wesleyan’s health-related pre-professional programs.