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2012-2013 Course Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

The Adult Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Social Work will give you general skills to help individuals, groups, and communities function successfully in the social arena: from dealing with poverty and domestic abuse to disability and mental illness. The degree also includes training in statistics and research.


Bachelor of Science in Social Work
Required Courses 39 Hours
SOCWK 015 Introduction to Social Work 3 hours
SOCWK 120 Social Welfare Policy, Services, and Delivery Systems 3 hours
SOCWK 127 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I 3 hours
SOCWK 128 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II 3 hours
SOCWK 208 Group Practice 3 hours
SOCWK 209 Macro Practice: Community Organization, Planning and Administration 3 hours
SOCWK 210 Micro Practice: Individuals and Families 3 hours
SOCWK 265 Research Informed Practice 3 hours
SOCWK 297 Field Practicum 1-9 hours
Social Work Electives 6 hours
Required Supporting Courses (19-20 hours)
Course Number Hours
SOC 003 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours
BIO 001 Perspectives in Biological Science 4 hours
BUS 106 Statistics for Business 3 hours
POLSC 001 United States Government and Politics 3 hours
PSYCH 002 Applied Psychological Science (Adult Undergraduate Only) or
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
3 hours
4 hours
Cultural Awareness (3 hours - select one of the following)
COMM 185 Diversity Issues in U.S. Society 3 hours
SOC 116 Race Relations and Minority Groups 3 hours
SOC 150 Hispanics and Latinos in U.S. Society 3 hours
ANTHR 154 Native American Cultures 3 hours
General Education Requirements (39-45 hours)
Requirement Hours
English and Communication 6-9 hours
Developing Foundations 8-9 hours
Global Perspectives 6-8 hours
Western Intellectual and Religious Traditions 3 hours
U.S. Culture and Society 6 hours
Fine Arts 3 hours
Scientific Inquiry 7 hours