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Master of Science in Forensic Science

Nebraska Wesleyan University offers a 42-credit-hour forensic science program through which graduate students may earn a Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS). The first year curriculum focuses on giving graduate students a broad-based knowledge of the forensic sciences. Over the next summer, they complete a two-week internship with a medical examiner or coroner.

During the second year, students focus on biological and chemistry courses. They also participate in a yearlong crime scene investigation course that counts for two credits. The last class for most students is “Forensic Science 599”. This course involves research and internship work relevant to students’ individual interests and concentrations. 

For most students, the program takes two and a half years to complete.



Master of Science in Forensic Science
Core Courses 16 hrs.
FORSC 505 Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation 3 hours
FORSC 506 Fundamentals of Evidence 3 hours
FORSC 507 Criminal Law and the Law of Evidence 3 hours
FORSC 508 Medicolegal Death Investigation 3 hours
FORSC 509 Cold Case Homicide Investigation 2 hours
FORSC 597 Internship 2-3 hours
Forensic Science Specialty Area Courses
Forensic Biology/Chemistry Courses 25 hrs.
FORSC 515 Advanced Crime Scene Investigation 4 hours
FORSC 516 Crime Scene House Practical 2 hours
FORSC 541 Forensic Biology 4 hours
FORSC 542 Forensic DNA 5 hours
FORSC 547 Chemistry ID - Forensic Investigation 5 hours
FORSC 599 Research/Internship 1-6 hours
1 credit required for MSFS
Elective Seminars
590 Fire Scene Investigations 1 hr.
590 Laboratory Analysis of Firearm Evidence 1 hr.
FORSC 577 Expert Witness Testimony 1 hours
590 Toolmark Evidence Recognition, Recovery & Examination
590 Violence, Mental Illness and Risk Assessment
1 hr.
1 hr.