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2012-2013 Course Catalog

English (B.A.)


Courses 42 hours
English Major (B.A., 42 hours)
Masterpieces of Literature (choose one of the following):
3 hours
ENG 100 Introduction to Textual Studies 3 hours
Literature (choose one of the following):
3 hours
Writing (choose one of the following):
3 hours
Language Theory (choose one of the following):
3 hours
Electives 21 hours
(Select from any English or Journalism course, excluding ENG 001 English Language and Writing. At least 6 hours must be upper-level (200-level).)  
Senior Comprehensive 6 hours
ENG 298 Ways of Reading: Theory and Practice and
ENG 299 Senior Workshop

Approved Selected Topics (ENG 190 Selected Topics or ENG 290 Selected Topic) may be used for the major with permission of the department chair.

Up to 9 elective hours in the English major may be satisfied with internship or laboratory coursework (JOURN 169 Journalism Laboratory, JOURN 297 Journalism Internship, ENG 297 Internship).

Up to 3 hours of THTRE 100 Play Reading may be used as elective hours toward the English major or minor.

Note: At least 12 hours of coursework in the English major must be taken at the 200 level.