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2012-2013 Course Catalog

Natural Science Education (B.A., B.S.)


Required Biology Courses 16 hours
Natural Science Education Major (82 hours)
BIO 050 General Biology of Plants 4 hours
BIO 060 General Biology of Animals 4 hours
BIO 160 Cell Biology 4 hours
BIO 170 Genetics 4 hours
Required Chemistry Courses 16 hours
CHEM 051 Chemical Principles and
CHEM 051L Chemical Principles Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 120 Organic Chemistry I and
CHEM 120L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 121 Organic Chemistry II: Synthesis and Mechanisms and
CHEM 121L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 122 Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry and
CHEM 122L Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
4 hours
Required Physics Courses 16 hours
PHYS 101 Principles of Physics I or
PHYS 111 General Physics I
4 hours
PHYS 102 Principles of Physics II or
PHYS 112 General Physics II
4 hours
Phys elective courses: Select 8 hours of
PHYS 121 Electronic Measurements
PHYS 162 Introduction to Modern Physics or
PHYS 054 Energy and the Global Environment and PHYS 055 Energy and the Global Environment Lab
8 hours
Required Earth Science Courses 12 hours
PHYS 010 Astronomy 4 hours
PHYS 020 Introduction to Meteorology 4 hours
PHYS 053 Earth Science 4 hours
Science Electives 4 hours
Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, for a total of at least 24 hours in one of the science subject areas.  
Required Methods Course 3 hours
EDUC 228 Methods for Teaching Science in Middle and Secondary Schools 3 hours
Senior Comprehensive: 15 hours
EDUC 287 Supervised Teaching in the Secondary School 1-14 hours
EDUC 299 Student Teaching Seminar 1 hours