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2012-2013 Course Catalog

Chemistry (B.A.)


Chemistry Major (B.A., 31-32 hours)
CHEM 051 Chemical Principles and
CHEM 051L Chemical Principles Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 120 Organic Chemistry I and
CHEM 120L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 121 Organic Chemistry II: Synthesis and Mechanisms and
CHEM 121L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 122 Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry and
CHEM 122L Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 130 Organic Chemistry III: Intermediate Organic Chemistry 2 hours
CHEM 221 Physical Chemistry I, Thermodynamics and Kinetics and
CHEM 221L Physical Chemistry Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 242 Instrumental Methods of Analysis 4 hours
One upper-level (200-299) chemistry course 3 hours
CHEM 293 Chemistry Seminar 1 hours
Senior Comprehensive  
CHEM 295 Independent Study or
CHEM 296 Special Projects
1-2 hours

An approved supporting program of 20 hours is required and may include one or more minors. PHYS 101 Principles of Physics I or PHYS 111 General Physics I and PHYS 102 Principles of Physics II or PHYS 112 General Physics II and MATH 105 Calculus I are required, and MATH 106 Calculus II is strongly recommended.