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2012-2013 Course Catalog

IDS 001 The Liberal Arts Seminar

3 hours


The Liberal Arts Seminar is a course designed to introduce first year students to the intellectual practices that must be cultivated and routinely exercised to make the most of a liberal education. Through a topic of intrinsic interest, students will practice and develop their capacity for critical and analytical thought, their ability to conduct and report research on a given topic, and their ability to collaborate in solving problems. In addition, students will exercise their ability to express themselves orally and in writing. The instructor/advisor will help students become independent learners who understand the intent of Nebraska Wesleyan's general education program.

No Pass/Fail.

Students who fail IDS 001 (Liberal Arts Seminar) the first time they take it must, in the following semester, re-take IDS 001 and take IDS 010 Academic Success Seminar as a co-requisite.  Students who have already taken and passed the Academic Success Seminar may schedule regular meetings with the Academic Achievement Specialist instead of re-taking the course.  Any students who fail the Liberal Arts Seminar twice will retain the F on their transcripts, and the IDS 001 requirement will then be waived.