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HIST 550 Nebraska Institute for the Study of US History

3 hours


An exploration of the resources and methods available to teachers for teaching American history through the history of Nebraska and meeting the Nebraska State Social Studies Standards requiring the use of Nebraska and regional examples in the teaching of social studies. The course examines the uses of artifacts, documents and place as appropriate means for engaging students in a hands-on approach to learning about United States history, Nebraska and the Great Plains. Utilizing the expertise of scholars from various disciplines including History, Literature, Political Science, Folk Culture, and Geography, as well as the resources of the Nebraska State Historical Society and Museum and historic sites within driving distance, the course provides the opportunity for teachers to learn more of the history of Nebraska and the United States, and to experience and experiment with resources and techniques for developing effective lesson plans.

Prerequisite(s): Baccalaureate degree and certification to teach in History, Political Science, or Social Studies Education.