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2012-2013 Course Catalog

HIST 523 History and Place

3 hours


This course will allow students to visit places that interpret history (memorials, monuments, museums and historical sites) as a means to discuss how history is presented at those places. Todays teachers increasingly have access to interpretative materials in the classroom, through both field trips and virtual technology, but are not always adequately trained to critically analyze the accuracy of facts and interpretations presented. By choosing a particular topic or place (variable depending on the semester) as the theme, this course will allow teachers to examine and criticize how history is interpreted at particular historic sites, memorials and museums. The theme for a particular semester might be historic places in and around Lincoln or a remote location. Through participation in this course, students will: 1) Engage in research regarding historic places prior to visiting those places, thereby developing research skills that can be applied in their own teaching, 2) Recognize how interpretative sites frame and contextualize historical events, and 3) Create teaching modules that can accurately use place to teach history.

Prerequisite(s): HIST 501 Fundamentals of American History I and HIST 502 Fundamentals of American History II, or permission of the instructor.