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2022-2023 Course Catalog

Master of Science in Nursing (RN to MSN)

The RN to MSN program is designed for students who possess a record of academic excellence and wish to accelerate their progress toward earning a master’s degree. While pursuing the MSN, students will earn a BSN degree when degree requirements have been met. Admission to the RN to MSN program considers the additional requirements of the MSN program.

See admission criteria for Master of Science in Nursing (RN-MSN) program.

Required Courses 39 hours
Master of Science in Nursing (RN to MSN)
NURS-201 NURS-201
NURS-233 NURS-233
NURS-236 NURS-236
NURS-240 NURS-240
NURS-245 NURS-245
NURS-250 NURS-250
NURS-502 NURS-502
NURS-505 NURS-505
NURS-510 NURS-510
NURS-515 NURS-515
NURS-520 NURS-520
Select one of the following:
NURS-204 NURS-204
NURS-296 NURS-296
The Nurse as Educator 21 hours
Nursing Specialty Courses (Choose one area)
NURS-550 NURS-550
NURS-552 NURS-552
NURS-553 NURS-553
NURS-556 NURS-556
NURS-557 NURS-557
NURS-558 NURS-558
One graduate-level nursing elective 3 hours
The Nurse as Leader, Manager, and Entrepreneur 21 hours
NURS-540 NURS-540
NURS-541 NURS-541
NURS-542 NURS-542
NURS-546 NURS-546
NURS-547 NURS-547
NURS-548 NURS-548
NURS-549 NURS-549
Major Project in Nursing Education or Nursing Administration 3 hours
NURS-599 NURS-599
Required Supporting Courses 6 hours
BIO-270 BIO-270
NURS-135 NURS-135
General Education Requirements 39-45 hours
English and Communication 6-9 hours
Developing Foundations 8-9 hours
Global Perspectives 6-8 hours
Western Intellectual and Religious Traditions 3 hours
U.S. Culture and Society 6 hours
Fine Arts 3 hours
Scientific Inquiry 7 hours