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2011-2012 Course Catalog

Music Education, Vocal (B.M.)


Performance Course Work  21 hours
Music Education Major, Vocal (B.M., 90 hours)
Major instrument 14 hours
Major large ensemble 7 hours
MUSIC 055 Recitals
(taken every semester in residence)
0 hours
Supporting Music Course Work 41 hours
Music history and literature
11 hours
Music theory
15 hours
Music education
12 hours
Music Technology
2 hours
Senior Comprehensive: 1 hours
MUSIC 298 Senior Capstone Seminar  1 hours
Proficiencies Required: Piano and Guitar  
Professional Education Courses Required for Certification 28 hours
EDUC 001 Introduction to Education in the United States 2 hours
EDUC 075 Field Experience 1 hours
EDUC 105 Human Development and Learning I and
EDUC 106 Human Development and Learning II
4 hours
EDUC 185 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 hours
SPED 107 Understanding Human Differences or
SPED 207 Methods for Teaching Secondary Students with Disabilities
3 hours
EDUC 278 Supervised Teaching in Elementary School Music and
EDUC 283 Supervised Teaching in Secondary School Music
14 hours
EDUC 299 Student Teaching Seminar 1 hours