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2011-2012 Course Catalog

Information Systems (B.S.)


Computer Science courses 27 hours
Information Systems Major (B.S., 51 hours)
CMPSC 030 Introduction to Computational Problem Solving 3 hours
CMPSC 040 Program Design 4 hours
CMPSC 100 Discrete Mathematics 3 hours
CMPSC 140 Data Structures 4 hours
CMPSC 205 Database Systems 3 hours
CMPSC 235 Computer Networks 4 hours
Computer Science Electives 6 hours
(Any other intermediate or higher level (100-299) computer science course not taken from the above list)  
Business courses 15 hours
ACCT 031 Principles of Accounting I 3 hours
ACCT 032 Principles of Accounting II 3 hours
BUSAD 100 Principles of Management 3 hours
ECON 053 Macroeconomic Principles 3 hours
ECON 054 Microeconomic Principles 3 hours
Business electives:
3 hours must be at the 200-level, choose from:
6 hours
ACCT 144 Accounting Information Systems 3 hours
BUSAD 204 Financial Management 3 hours
BUSAD 225 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
ACCT 230 Managerial Accounting 3 hours
Senior Comprehensive: 3 hours
CMPSC 230 Software Engineering I
CMPSC 295 Independent Study
CMPSC 297 Internship

In the exceptional circumstance of a student who has already declared a first major in another department with the intent of earning a B.A. degree, a student may submit a petition to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science seeking permission to declare a second major in information systems for a B.A. degree.