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2011-2012 Course Catalog

Exercise Science (B.S.)


Exercise Science Major (58-62 hours)
BIO 009 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4 hours
BIO 010 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4 hours
HHP 101 Nutrition 3 hours
HHP 106 Advanced Emergency Care 1 hour
HHP 131 Foundations 2 hours
HHP 172 Introduction to Massage Therapy
HHP 180 Cardiac Rehabilitation
HHP 210 Worksite Health Promotion
2-3 hours
HHP 185 Motor Learning and Control 3 hours
HHP 211 Biomechanics and Kinesiology 4 hours
HHP 215 Physiology of Exercise 4 hours
HHP 225 Exercise Testing and Programming 3 hours
HHP 280 Research and Statistical Methods - I 2 hours
HHP 297 Internship 1-8 hours
PSYCH 118 Health Psychology
PSYCH 135 Lifespan Development
PSYCH 231 Abnormal Psychology
3 hours
CHEM 051 Chemical Principles and
CHEM 051L Chemical Principles Laboratory
4 hours
CHEM 120 Organic Chemistry I and
CHEM 120L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
4 hours
PHYS 101 Principles of Physics I 4 hours
PHYS 102 Principles of Physics II 4 hours
Senior Comprehensive  
HHP 298 Capstone Seminar in Health and Human Performance and
HHP 299 Senior Comprehensive Examination
2 hours

Students interested in health-related professions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and chiropractics may elect to major in Exercise Science. Students should consult with their advisor regarding pre professional requirements and suggested program of study.